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Top cities in Great Britain

The UK is well known for its high quality, sense of fair play and history. With cultural icons such as Shakespeare, the Queen and David Beckham, Brits are often celebrated for their politeness, top flight education system and respect of the rule of law. The UK has one of the most stable growing economies in Europe and an internationally competitive tax environment which makes it an attractive proposition for foreign investors. British ‘bricks and mortar’ is generally known as one of the safest property investments you can make. Below we have put together a list of the top cities in the UK you are definitely going to fall in love with, from Scotland’s Edinburgh and Glasgow with their northern ambience to Brighton with its seaside resorts and of course Cambridge with its old university.

Where to live in the UK?

The key to choosing a great UK property is accessibility. The infrastructure here is very good and constantly improving whilst positively affecting house prices. With its world famous famous Underground Tube system, London has many hotspots. Ealing, Acton, Greenwich and boroughs such as Lewisham and Waltham Forest attract numerous affluent buyers. If you’d prefer to be outside of the hustle and bustle, then you should opt for a commuter town in one of the beautiful Home Counties. These offer good medium term price growth compared to their London counterparts. Birmingham is benefiting from new improved rail links now making one of the key hotspots in the UK. Further afield the UK has many picturesque and historic locations which you can call home. Scotland hosts a large array of castles in tranquil settings and the university cities of Oxford, Cambridge and Cardiff play host to many international visitors. Whether you are searching for city life or a countryside retreat; you are truly spoilt for choice in the UK.


Great Britain has a rich and varied landscape perfect for exploring. You can visit the sparkling Scottish lochs, relax in the many historic gardens or even bask on the beaches of the south coast, when the weather is right of course. And it doesn’t end there, throughout the UK you can visit archeological remains, castles, forests, farmland, woods, fens, downs, moorland, nature reserves or even secluded islands. Plan your trip wisely as not to lose your chance to see the whole variety of the scenes the United Kingdom has to offer.

Cities with Great British History

Every city and town in Great Britain has hidden gems left behind over time from all the conquers and migrants. Dover with its Dover Castle founded by the Romans, London with its Tower of London, founded by William the Conqueror or Bath, designated as a World Heritage site with Roman remains and Georgian architecture. No matter which city you choose to visit, you will certainly be drawn under its spell. Even modern cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham tempt you in with their mix of new and old architecture and amenities.

Culture and Nightlife

Britain is a sociable country and lots of the culture revolves around food and drink. Fish and chips and going to the pub are a part of the true British experience that everyone has heard of. The best kept secrets are the restaurants and pubs that provide a truly local experience by serving food and drink grown or reared in the local vicinity. If you prefer a more refined experience, then there is an abundance of places where you can go for afternoon tea. Typically being served finger sandwiches, warm scones and a selection of homemade cakes and pastries. Not forgetting of course, a pot of English tea.

Best regions in Britain

Whether planning to relocate or visit Great Britain there many places to choose from, all worthwhile seeing; and all within easy reach of the capital city London if not inside it itself. We have selected the top regions for you to visit or settle down in the United Kingdom. They offer some of the ‘best of British’ when it comes to unforgettable holiday destinations as well as great value for money houses in this historic country.

Buying a property in Great Britain as a foreigner

As a potential buyer, you should set yourself a budget and have made prior arrangements if a mortage is required. In some cases, an agent will want to verify you have access to the funds before viewings and discussions can take place. Given the fast paced nature of the UK property market, you should plan to visit a property quickly in order to beat any other potential buyers. Once you have decided on a property and agreed a purchase price with the seller you should instruct your conveyance solicitor to pick up the process and they will conduct the due diligence, make sure you are buying safely and protect your interests throughout the entire process.

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