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Great for sun, beaches, golf
Great for pleasant climate, nature, trekking
Great for good wines, hospitality
Great for nature, affordable cost of living

What to see in Portugal

With 320 sunny days per year, one of the cheapest cost of living in Europe, no double taxation for pensions and a good healthcare system, Portugal is one of the favourite destination of seniors. It also offerts great investment opportunities in previously built properties and high rental yields

Regions in Portugal

With a mild and sunny climate throughout the year, the region of Algarve offers very broad array of excellent quality beaches. The blue and calm ocean invites people to swim in the warm and clear waters of the South of Portugal. Considered by many as one of the best golf destinations in Europe, Algarve has many golf courses with international awards. With an incomparable beauty between Barqueiros and the border, the Douro river's landscapes are surrounded by hills and green valleys. In Douro, you'll feel at home for sure because the local population is genuine and hospitable and will treat you in the best possible way.  Madeira is a jewel set on the Atlantic, off the coasts of Portugal and Morocco. This island will seduce you thanks to its climate, which is one of the nicest in the world, and its amazing vegetation. The Azores are composed of 9 islands, situated nearly 1000 miles off the coast of Portugal. Many expat retirees chose the Azores because of the cost of living, which is low when compared to similar locations in the sun.

Cities in Portugal

Among all cites in Portugal, you certainly don’t want to miss out the two following ones, when looking for a property: Lisbon, the capital, is a city that combines tradition and modernity. Between old buildings and contemporary infrastructures, people, colours, smells, the five senses and flavours give life to Lisbon. With different cultural influences, the city offers a wide range of infrastructures and services adapted to the most varied audiences. Also known as the "City of the Seven Hills", Lisbon offers a wide range of monuments that reflect part of the history of Portugal. Along the coast you can find several beaches and seaside resorts, where you can practice golf, surfing or just enjoy an evening on a terrace by the river. Porto, located along Douro river, is considered as the Capital of the North. It is known for the fine wines, hospitality and Architecture School. Due to its natural wealth, the North of Portugal is one of the world’s favourite destinations to practice birdwatching and ecotourism. With very different landscapes, this region allows you to enjoy the rural mountain villages, rich in Portuguese traditions and customs, located in Trás-os-Montes or in Minho, and, at the same time, the developed and cosmopolitan cities.
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Hot cities in Portugal

If you're moving to Portugal, here are some great cities to buy a property. Of course, you can buy a flat in Porto, the second largest city in Portugal. You can also go to Faro or Portimão, two of the main touristic destinations in the South of Portugal. Students will certainly choose Coimbra, with its famous university. You can also rent a holiday home in Albufeira with its magnificent sandy beaches. Others will be seduced by Braga: this third largest city in the country is also known as “Portugal's Rome"

Buying a property in Portugal as a foreigner

Portugal is a great country for buying a house. As it is looking to attract foreign investors, it offers favourable income tax rates for non-habitual residents and there is no double taxation for incomes or pensions obtained abroad (see the applicable legislation for updated information).  Portugal has also facilities for obtaining residence permits. All the more, people who buy a property over 500 thousand euros can apply for a golden residence permit: holders of such a permit can benefit from family regrouping, and might obtain permanent residence permit and Portuguese citizenship.

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